The Anat Baniel Method

The Anat Baniel Method (sm) (ABM) is a neuroMovement, holistic approach that utilizes movement in all its forms to help upgrade the functioning of the brain that in turn can organize thinking, feeling, emotion and action better.


In NeuroMovement the brain is understood to be a self-organizing information system with mind and body integrated at all times. It gets formed and ‘apprenticed’ holistically through its experiences of all aspects of movement. In early infancy the movements are random and involuntary for the most part, yet these experiences feed the brain with information. The brain uses this information to form recognizable patterns and to organize and control all dimensions of movement. The human brain is incredibly plastic. In other words, it changes itself through its experience of movement throughout life.

The 9 Essentials

The Nine Essentials form the core of the Anat Baniel Method (sm). Each of the 9 Essentials describes one of the brain’s requirements for waking up and doing its job well. That is, creating new connections and avoiding rigidity and automaticity when needing to overcome pain and limitation to thus reach new levels of physical and cognitive performance.

ABM helps your child’s brain become a changing, learning, self orgainzing, brilliant brain. Rather than focus on the limitations of the child, we provide solutions that are based in how the brain functions.

Science shows that the brain has a remarkable potential to create alternative solutions to both physical and mental disabilities once it’s given the necessary information to work with. The entire emphasis is helping the brain of the child become the incredible learning machine it is built to be.

Letting the child be how and where they are at present and using the 9 essentials which awakens their brain to learn. They are then able to move to their own next level. The brain of a child with special needs can function extremely well just like the brain of a healthy child and that is when miracles begin to happen.

Carole Keefe, D.P.M.

Carole Keefe, D.P.M.
Carole with Anat